First, sorry i am a noob both in english and forums!
Recently bought an everdrive GB card. The problem : there is no save/load function in the ingame menu in lsdj.
Tried different lsdg versions from original lsdj site. All of the versions thou, contain load/save function when opened in emulator.
Can please anyone help/explain/share links to forum topics that contain the info on sub ?

LSDJ doesn't work on everdrive due to it only supporting 32k SRAM. If there's only 32k SRAM, LSDJ will just automatically save it, but you can only have one song per rom. So I guess you can have multiple copies of LSDJ on the cart to have multiple songs.

You can google "LSDJ EVERDRIVE" for many many threads here and elsewhere discussing this. I think some of the new Everdrive GB's have better support.

Thank you sir ! Unfortunatly there is not much results on "LSDJ EVERDRIVE" serch, satisfactory at least ((((
Maybe you can reccomend me a cart that does suit better for lsdj, please ???(the procidure of creating, loading, writing jn cart rom multiple lsdj copies is rather painful)

I'm a huge fan of BennVenn's cartdridges, take a look at his shop: