I'm trying to design a superhet radio receiver that can be built up in sections, and now I met some problems.

The receiver is based on the AN602 double-balanced mixer IC, with the big brother of the ZN414 (the 10-transistor radio chip), the ZN416, employed as an IF amplifier, coupled with a standard LM386 audio stage . Power-supply requirements are 9 to 12 volts dc at 10 mA average (up to 30 mA at full volume).

*As the LM386(datasheet for reference: is almost a standard chip for audio use, the only caution revolves around the 10-mF gain-setting capacitor. So what should I do if my LM386 seems a bit too lively?

*Also, do you know how to enable the reception of SSB signals? Do I need other designs?


not really the right forum for this question, but i'll leave it up on the off chance someone here can help