I´ve started a new series. And – again – it´s about modular synthesis. I thought SoloStuff´s modular softsynth “SoloRack” worth a whole series of tutorials – and concipated one. Here is the first part: Installation and Overview

It´s a public part. Enjoy it! Rolf

00:00     Introduction
01:15     Download and Installation
02:42     Four Versions of SoloRack
03:15     Loading a Module
03:45     Placing, Replacing and Deleting a Module
04:31     Module Information
04:51     “Always on” and CPU
07:12     Groups of Modules
14:50     Load and Save
15:48     My first Real Patch
24:38     Some Words at the End
Enjoy it!
Have a good time!

The second part of my series of tutorials about SoloStuff´s modular softsynth “SoloRack” is online now:

In this second part of the series I talk about the menus and the hidden functions of SoloRack, give some explanations about oversampling and aliasing and build up a famous patch step by step (please see the timeline for details).

The whole series is meant to give you not only a profound knowledge about the modular softsynth SoloRack, but also a remarkable amount of knowledge about modular synthesis and even about sound synthesis in general. It makes it easy to step into the matter, even if you are a complete beginner (You are a professional? Well, you may like the series nevertheless).

00:00     Introduction
00:19     The Preset Menu
01:58     ASpecial Group: Sequences
03:27     Managing Presets using the Windows Browser
05:46     SAVE, LOAD and Alternative Preset Libraries
07:40     The Preset Description and the Authorship
               (or: Albi Soundstone attacks Rolf Kasten)
11:40     Oversampling and Aliasing
22:30     About Cables and LEDs
24:38     Expanding and Reducing the Rack
25:25     Fine Tune
25:55     Cable Art
26:45     Copy and Paste Values
28:00     Understanding the Front Panels
34:50     Building Up a Famous Patch Step by Step
42:45     Some Words at the End
45:56     The End

Introduction to modular synthesis: SoloRack Tutorial 3: The Oscillators Part 1 is online now:

Please see the timeline below for further details.

Timeline and Content
00:00     Introduction
01:18     The SA 310 VCO
02:00     Pitch Range
02:24     1 Volt/Octave
03:19     Trigger, CV and Gate
04:38     “... and it´s this jump to the left ...”
09:07     The Waves
11:22     Analogue Exponential Frequency Modulation
18:35     Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
20:16     Duty Cycles
22:28     Phase Shifts
27:20     PWM and Oversampling
28:55     Hardsync
40:05     “Bend”
42:28     Half-Wave Rectifier (RA)
45:25     About Phase Shifts Again
52:08     Some Words at the End
53:45     The End
Enjoy your life!

My last “modular” video in 2017 is out now, SoloStuff´s Solorack part 4, talking about three of the oscillators.


It´s about saw, supersaw and hypersaw, about linear frequency modulation, about exponential sine wave FM, about noise and “Radio”, about Karplus-Strong and about a mysterious patch.

00:00     Introduction
01:18     Some Questions concerning Video 3
05:43     The S304, An Overview
07:23     Phase Shifts
08:48     From Detune to Hypersaw
23:11     Linear Through Zero FM
33:00     The S302 Dual Sub/Sine
36:24     Phase, Phase, Phase
38:44     FM like in 1984
47:13     Noise, Noise, Noise
50:35     Is Karplus Still Strong?
              (Sorry for the bad joke!)
53:09     A Patch to puzzle about
53:47     Some Words at the End
55:06     The End

I´ll be working on my album for the next 6 weeks. So, please don´t expect my next video before the end of January 2018. I wish you all a merry Chrismas and a happy New Year.
Enjoy your life!