It's interesting, but you don't have immediately access to the scales (by hearing them).
Why don't you use some lightweight musical notation such as the ABC ( ), this way you can store in a text file all the scales, and add some informations in the dedicated field?

For example for the first 2 lines of your document, it could be translated to:

T:Bebop Minor
N: mood of this scale
C D ^D E | F G A _B | c

T:Major Blues
N: mood of this other scale
C D ^D E | G A  c

(and you can see / hear them with this kind of online tool: (copy and paste))

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That is neat. I have been making videos of all the scales. I used solfedge hand signals. I have designated a color to each note in hopes of having a way to remember pitch when using a movable do system. it would be really cool if i could get the community's help with something... I want people to go on my youtube and comment to each scale on what 'feel' they have of each scale. I want to refine this system and write about what people say. it would be really cool to get peoples opinions from different cultures, since this is so subjective. John Cotton wrote a book in the 1600's about emotions of gregory chant modes, but the book is probably sitting on a shelf in the university of ohio in dutch. Wish they could translate it and print me a copy.

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Have you thought about just writing all your tracks in C and transposing them to the key you like outside of the pattern editor. This can be really useful as you can give drums sharp notes in order to easily visualise them when you have drums and bass sharing one channel.