Hey hey hey!!!!

Any news about update?????!!!


I'm returning to it after month of work/beer other project smile
Hope i will be able to publish something.
But not too soon... And yes there will be update smile

Youpi !


Just discovered this!
Nanoloop with MIDI sync on Pocketchip?? This is insanely interesting! big_smile


this looks really rad.

thx smile

Not a lot of news on fews month.
I'm porting picoloop on android and cleaning the code as much as required to do it.
Today the code is clang compliant, it was required by mac osx and to ease the port on Android.
So sorry for the lack of news.
It will be like this for two three month until the first working version is out smile

Keep using the last binary on github and 0.76c first 0.77 version which is IMHO fine and has no issue.

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yoyz2k wrote:

Not a lot of news on fews month.

Glad to see you keep working on this smile

Maybe the best hobby I've ever had in my life wink

on Android... it would be awesome!

Sure Garvalf smile It will be nice smile

Anybody synced Picoloop as slave with pc midi software succesfully? What kind of cable do I need to get this working?

Just a basic usb midi cable should work.
When you launch picoloop you will have a midi output and midi input menu as first screen.
You need to select the 'input' which is your usb midi cable.
Works well on Linux, on windows...
I don't think you will have what you want.
There will be too much delay, 50ms I think, because it is not asio compatible today.
So yes, tell me if you have a basic master or slave configuration working and your hardware software configuration.

And I'm here to help.


Thanks for your help Johann smile
Sorry, I didn't mention that I want to use a pocketchip for this. So, pc midi software (master) to pocketchip with picoloop (slave). When you are saying a usb-midi cable you mean something like this, I suppose:

That sounds ok from the pc's point of view (I'm using this to control other gear, with usb side connected to pc), but now I should use the 5-din midi-in side on the pc and the usb side on the pocketchip, right? The problem is that I have no midi port on the pc to connect the midi-in side to.

Mmmmaybe I could try with a raspberry, but I doubt that the software performance would be good enough this way.


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