Hello i am having some trouble trying to load Pulsar on the Retrozone Powerpak.

i followed the instructions on the Readme.txt and when i try to open it on the NES.
i get this message saying that this emulator does not support this Rom and it needs 32k of space for a sav.

is there something i am missing?

any help would be great

Hey. Did you install the blank .sav file as well as the pulsar Rom? It may need to be named pulsar.sav too.
And have the newest mappers from retro usb.

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Thanks for the reply.
I downloaded the latest Mappers from the website and pulsar seems to load now but I seem to have a screwed up version thats all glitched out !
I must have downloaded a test rom from this site:
https://github.com/christopherpow/nes-t … pulsar.nes

it also seems that nes-audio.com site is down?

I was going to download another version of it but all I see is a blank screen.

does anyone out there have a stable version of it?

Darn that nes-audio.com is down. Anyone have contact info for Neil? I'd love to help out long term to keep the site up.

For now, way back machine is your friend: http://web.archive.org/web/201705101423 … -v1-04.zip


Thank you for all the help!

I hope nes-audio.com gets back up too!

so i am still having trouble with the powerpak not opening up Pulsar.

i have the 32k sav which i named pulsar.sav i have that inside the save folder of the powerpak.

i also have the newest mapper from the retrozone page. i followered all the instructions on the readme.txt

i am really confused. it opens up in a emulator on my computer.

@catskull could you also ask him if he would agree to release syncable or MIDI versions of his software?

fwiw, nes timing is ROCK SOLID. You could easily hit play on both and they should stay pretty much in sync.