Hello! I'm new to gamedev for retro consoles. I just always wanted to make a small game for Sega). But now I'm studying SGDK and related issues. So I began to study how to make music for SEGA. It's clear that simply translating wav into vgm is unlikely to succeed. But here I found a manual how to translate midi to vgm: … -music-xgc
And it seems that even it turned out without problems. I downloaded midi, the program clamped the button "Forse note off if a channel tries to be polyphonic" (without it the program determines that my midi polyphonic and refuses to convert), on the right I also included the sixth channel (the sound synthesizer SEGA is like 6 channels) . And it worked out - the melody is even played in vgmplayer. And very similar to the original. But I'm trying to lose it in SEGA - no way. I take an example from the folder sample-sound, I substitute my melody, converted from midi, instead of melody sonic1.vgm. I do rebuild of resources (rescomp) and collect rom. Does not play. Has anyone done something similar? Its melodies for SEGA from midi?

In the end (Linkinp Park)
vgm without loop:
optimized vgm without loop: