The Rubber Man

Hi guys.

The Raspberry Pi sounds good too. wink


01 RPi Zwei
02 Ursula (part 2)
03 Alien encounter
04 Wake Hime
05 Digital Garbage RPi's Remix

TT: 19:15 min.

This album has been made on Raspberry Pi 2.
Also, it has been recorded entirely & directly from the machine.

The RPi's sound is being generated by the Broadcom BCM2835 chip (for the 1st model of RPi) and by Broadcom BCM2836 chip (in the 2nd model RPi), so it's resolved somewhat like in ZX Spectrum: the sound is being generated by CPU.

They say it works with 11 bit quality. It's not an actual DAC, it is a digital PWM module (gives a 'pulse width modulated' signal) working with frequency around 40MHz and it is low-pass-filtered.
The original Pi sound is warm'n'soft; doesn't remind thousands of razors.

Some people claim RPi isn't good for music.
They are WRONG.

(C) 2018 by YERZ
Original ATARI 2600 song "Digital Garbage" by Bitpusher2600.

WWW sites:
RPi portal:
Bitpusher2600's portal:


Świdnica, Poland

Great album, Yerzu smile
What soft did you used?


This is great!
I'd also like to know what software you used. smile

The Rubber Man

Hey guyz,
thx so much!

Well, I really can recommend the MilkyTracker. Of course one has to prepare samples on another computer (PC?) or has to use some downloaded collection, but entire composing process can be easily done on the RPi.

For the newest Raspbian system in the Raspberry Pi 3 downloading and installing would be like this:
Preferences / Add - Remove Software / now search for "milky" word & install the prog.

For the Pi 2 and old Raspbian - there is a problem as those f*ckers closed the Pi Shop (or however it was called back then, I can't remember now).

My friend from Atari 8bit scene - thePink - says that instead one should use the "apt get" command or something like that.

As for the samples, my favourite portal was the Music Radar: … tis-627820
It's also cool for Atari ST and Amiga dudez who look for cool samples for to use in their MODs. Of course in this case the converting into 8bit/mono would be required.

I hope that helps! big_smile



Really inspiring stuff. Makes me want to break out my Pi Zero W and see if it can do some work like this!!! It is also BCM2835 smile

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The Rubber Man

Thanks a lot. smile
Well, funnily enough - I was thinking about getting the Pi Zero too. smile
Who knows, maybe I will manage. wink Playing concerts from such a tiny thing might be interesting. wink
Anyway - if You have anything made with Your Pi - let us know!! big_smile