Thornhill, Scotland

Hi Folks,

Been having fun & learning Adlib2 & Impulse Tracker on a Libretto 100CT running Windows 98SE.
I was wondering if selecting Windows Sound System as the driver for Impulse Tracker might improve the playback quality a touch?
At the moment both programs auto detect Sound Blaster Pro - which sounds great for Adlib2 but a little rough when using IT.

After reading the IT documentation I have gotten as far as selecting the WSS driver “ITWSS.DRV” via the command line after launching Impulse ie:  C:\TRACKERS\IMPULSE\IT.EXE /sITWSS.DRV but it then launches Impulse Tracker without detecting any sound card at all.

Any thoughts on if selecting WSS as a driver is possible & if there is anything to be gained in terms of quality (16 Bit as opposed to SB's 8 bit?) & secondly if I missing something in terms of selecting the driver via the command line?


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