Just out of interest, which of the midi interfaces/protocols are people using on the c64?   Looking at the specs they all have a similar setup though the addresses spaces change a bit.   There appear to be 4 I've found info on:

Sequential Circuits


These interfaces are exactly the ones emulated in the kerberos interface (, so yeas they appear to be amongst the most popular.
Station64 ( emulates them too, in addition to HerMIDI.

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Thanks, I'll keep the HerMIDI one in mind too.

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I am also very interested in this, i use C64G with 1541 Ultimate II+ and want to play C64 lead solos (Cynthcart) on my MIDI masterkeyboard, but situation is more complicated that it seems, because although i have Cynthcart cartridge, but older version 1.2 ordered from AtariAge (btw is no longer for sale on that site) and i don't want newer cartridge because software can be downloaded from author's site so there is no need to exchange cartridge which i always hated. … lable.html

Here is Datel MIDI interface which works with Mini Xpander+, cartridge bridge which is tested for example with Cynthcart, so you can have plugged two cartridges to C64, but it is NOT compatible with 1541 Ultimate II+.

Aside of this, 1541 Ultimate II+ features some USB slots (i use one of them for 16GB usb stick), i asked creator of this magic device if one of ports can be used for USB-MIDI connection, but up to now i got no reply so probably it is not possible, so i now have no solution, i nevermind smile