Hello CHIPMUSIC forum! My username is LovelyA72, A chiptune lover from southern China.
I have a DMG, an MGB, a CGB, and an AGB. I am always using the newest LSDJ software.
And I have a website: https://www.yzwiki.com/ (WARNING! It is in Chinese and you may see some Japanese anime stuff...)

I hope I can learn something more about chiptune =D

p.s. My English not so good... So if there's any grammar mistake...(#滑稽)

Welcome! Greetings from Seattle! I'm new to this site, too, but from what I've seen, the people here are awesome.

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There are no people, only spambots... but we are awesome indeed.

And hello to you smile Enjoy your stay.


Welcome from Tacoma, Washington!!

Welcome from Texas!  Looking forward to hearing your stuff!

Welcome from Taiwan.

Hello smile

welcome! always cool to see new chiptunes from asian countries. hope you enjoy it here!