You can check a short trailer i just made here:

I'm posting here because im looking for chiptune donations to include them in the game with proper credits of course. I can't afford to offer any money for them because i doubt i'll make any money as it is my first game and i'm poor as fuck. I've been getting chiptunes from but i kinda ran out of them. i also tried making my own chiptunes but without any musical knowledge and little time i'ts pretty hard and i need a lot of them.

anyway you can contact me on twitter or just leave a pm here. thank you for reading and mad respect to all chiptune markers.


why does it make a bad sound effect when you hit the notes right... that's like the exact opposite of what i'd expect lol

I'm looking for free coding work donations. Will you build me and app? I'm poor as fuck and I doubt I'll make any money off my chiptunes. I tried making one myself but without any coding knowledge and little time, it's too hard. sad

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if i'm doing something wrong please tell me, there is no need to be an ass

asking people for free intellectual property is the worst form of being an ass.

porsilasmoscas wrote:

if i'm doing something wrong please tell me, there is no need to be an ass

Look, you cannot make a game in which the main selling point, and center of focus is chipmusic, and then turn around and ask for that component from other people for free. This isn’t background music, it’s integral to the success of your title. It’s crucial that a music-based rhythm game’s music be good. To come onto a forum full of creators and use your very first post to ask them for free work is not a great first impression. What you have made is just a Kaboom/Avalanche clone roughly synced to music. People have made a stink about being asked for free work (and rightly so) over much more deserving/ambitious projects. Playing ignorant like what you asked is even in the ballpark of being reasonable is pretty disingenuous.

I’m not here to tell you not to use chipmusic in your game as your gimmick/niche if you like it. Nor will I hold this against you in the future if you decide to stick around the forums. Chipmusic is for all. Try not to take it personal. You’re just not the first, and certainly won’t be the last, to try to use this community as a pond to cast their lure in, fishing for free content.

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