Tried to take into consideration feedback I have received here before. Tried to vary the instruments more, add more variation in sound and use tables more. I fear it has gone too far into "shrill" territory. Anyway, I hope some progress has been made but open to hearing what you have to say and learning more, thanks! smile

I like your first track that's on soundcloud. Just make what you like.

Thanks! I definitely do try to make what I like. For example I'm not crazy about EDM/dubstep inspired stuff. Have been trying to grow and get feedback in terms of instrumentation etc and how to get a fuller sound out of LSDJ than I have in the past.

It could use some kicks, from the pulse or wave channels. I think you've got some in the noise channel? But the noise channel isn't very dynamic, so nothing really stands out in it.

Thanks! I tend to overlook the noise channel and get set on a drum pattern and maybe don't vary it enough. There are kicks there but maybe they don't stand out enough.

some quick thoughts: i might suggest avoiding doubling notes in more than 1 channel for extended amounts of time, saving it only for when you want emphasis (this is just a rule of thumb) - having the same melody in 2 channels for the majority of the time means you lose the opportunity to do things like harmonizing, arpeggios, other kinds of pitch effects like pulse kicks/toms, etc. you can actually get away with much less than you think you can.

also it sounds like the wav channel is super quiet but the pulses and noise are super loud. the wav channel is the bassiest channel, so you lose out on pretty much all the low end if you don't take advantage of that.

i agree with what saskrotch says about the dynamics, you should play with E commands and instruments with different volume levels. practice making some parts soft and other parts loud, not just entire sections but even notes within the same phrase. if you listen to a live drummer for instance, not every drum/cymbal is hit with the same intensity. you can do things like echo effects this way too.

that being said, i thought it was a pretty good tune. for a good example of this kind of style i would recommend donotrunwithpixels, compare the songs on this album with your song and see what's done the same and what's done differently: … technology

tl;dr: saskrotch is right, always listen to saskrotch

Thanks! Some of those issues come from mixing while making it on my gba, which i have learned is not at all representative of how it will sound when normally listened to. This is all very helpful, thanks again!

Really good energy. Leaves a bit to be desired in the drums department. Consider teaming up with someone or remixing with some non-chiptune sample drums?