Nevermind being bored, here's my new Bitpunk/Glitchpop album "N"

1. CHAINGED    (vs. Pixies)
2. TROOTH    (vs. Nirvana)
3. GIFE    (vs. Madonna)
4. samskaraNOSYL.xrns    (vs. Sia)
5. NEWBORED    (Muse Rework)
6. CHANDELIAR    (vs. Sia vs. Nirvana)
7. JOICE    (vs. Nirvana)
8. SLOBODANAS    (vs. Beyoncé)
  + bonus medley

pay what you want heart


Great Piexies cover! Haven´t heard the rest of the album. But good start!


Thank you! heart I love the Pixies to death

Glasgow, Scotland.

Nice work. I almost didn't listen as I'm not usually wild about covers, but these are great.