Hello to all

Newbie here.

I found a casio ctk411 synth and wanted to know if I can circuitbend it.

Why I'm not attacking it right away is because this one has a MIDI in/out and I'm controlling it with external MIDI controller.

I am actually a little bit affraid, because I haven't seen anybody on the internet circuitbending this model.

A lot of circuitbended casio ctk330, but that one doesn't have the MIDI connections.

So what do you think, should I ?

Thank you for your answers

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having MIDI I/O doesn't really make bending any more or less risky than any similar device. i mean just look how many bent drum machines are around

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do it. but be fucking careful.


Ok, thanx for the encouragement.

I found this service manual for that synth : … k-411.html

Maybe someone could tell me in which regions I should not put the wires and try the connections?


Don't go from the power supply to anywhere else. You could try grounding the Rom pins. Stuff between cpu and Rom... Kiss it goodbye and cross your fingers...

Alive and well in fucksville

Use a 10k resistor to touch different legs of the rom ic while it is running on BATTERY power only. or a small switching diode. This is how to find good glitches. I bent a yamaha djx2b, and somehow one of the switches I wired up did a logic scramble on it so it would pick random samples when it was playing a rhythm from another keyboard. It melted.

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