Hey, so I've been assembling my ideal DMG that includes the following modifications &/or physical components that 'might' be of concern...

- Gameboy Pocket screen
- Internal Arduinoboy (Arduino Pro Mini)
- 1/8" prepot prosound
- 1/4" prepot prosound
- RCA prepot prosound
- Half speed crystal and regular crystal (via switch)
- Variable clock
- 74HC86 inverter (via switch)
- PS/2 keyboard socket
- RGB start/select buttons
- RGB case LEDs x3 (the ones made by justinthursday:http://store.kitsch-bent.com/product/case-leds-v1)
- RGB backlight VA LEDs x2 (the ones kitsch sell:http://store.kitsch-bent.com/product/rgbbb)

All in all, everything works fine up until two or more of the RGB switches are turned on.
After turning on more then one color the audio is noticeably degraded in volume and in quality (In all prosounds and regular headphone output). This sucks because its fine for playing games but wouldn't make the ideal LSDJ candidate. I'm sure this is probably some sort of power consumption issue but who knows.

Anybody have any ideas on how I'd go about fixing such an issue?

Yes, this seems like a power use issue. Different possible solutions:

Get better batteries. If you've bought the cheapest batteries you could find, they may not be able to give you enough current for everything. Or try buying an alternative power source, such as a gameboy USB power cord.

Decrease the power usage of the backlight. Put a larger resistor in series with each color. For example, replace 150 ohms with 180 ohms and replace 150 ohm with 170 ohm. (those are the next size up in the standard E12 series.) Or, put a 22 ohm resistor in series with the common lead. Doing this will reduce the light intensity of the backlight slightly, but will probably help.

Add a 100 uF or bigger value, 6.3 V or greater rated, capacitor across +5V and Gnd. in doing so, you need to make sure you find one that fits physically. This may help alleviate the problem somewhat.

THanks my swedish friend

I felt that something might happen when I read the 'ultimate' DMG guide. Glad to see I wasn't too far off, although tis a shame it happened. I hope @nitro2k01 advice will help! Let us know.

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