Los Angeles

This new album is the result of sound experiments created via Classic 1989 Game Boy that began in 2015 and ended in March of 2017. We sought to explore the outer reaches of the Game Boy's 8-bit CPU/4-bit sound chip, especially it's dynamic wave channel sound manipulation capacity. Towards the end of the production cycle we added Commodore 64 synth bass and other sounds to round out the albums sound. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor!

1. Dungeon Crawler Baller 03:30   
2. Underground Blips 03:03   
3. XP DMG TKNO (WV CHNL MX) 03:38   
4. Nintechnoid (Radio Chipmusic Remix) 02:50   
5. Ends Well that Alls Well 03:18   
6. Nintechnoid (Extended Chiptune Mix) 04:32   
7. Dungeon Crawler Baller (SID Synthwave Remix) 03:30


Seth & Michelle smile :]

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