Hi guys.... I know it's unlikely but does anyone have a schematic or pictures of the pcb for the ZX spectrum Cheetah Midi interface??

It was an interface that plugged in the back like the joystick not the one that plugs into the phone sockety thing in the +2 onwards...

I've not seen one for sale anywhere and I want to at least build one!!

Thanks for any help in advance!

I have a Cheetah midi interface.

I can take some pictures of both sides of the circuit board, if you still need.  I will be selling soon on ebay, along with the rest of my Retro collection, so you better get back to me soon if you still need pics.

I also have The complete Music System by EMR with Midi interface and manual and software!

you should probably just take the pics for everyone's benefit regardless of OP's response, especially since they might not respond any time soon since this thread is 9 months old

Oh yeah, I'd be interested in those pictures as well. Everybody keeps saying the Cheetah sucks, but well... there's no way of knowing of knowing for sure except trying to use one, eh?