So, I have a handful of songs i wrote on guitar, drums, and bass, but im thinking about replacing some of the instrumentation I have with sounds from my Gameboys and Pocket-Operators (mostly just to justify the purchases XD). Does anyone have any recommendations for music that does a simmilar thing that i should listen to?

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Awkward Terrible

The J Arthur Keenes Band
Depreciation Guild
Marshall Art

I do this a bit. On this album in particular:

and to a lesser extent:

not all tracks on the latter have chip, but it's a mishmash of different things from different artists, so might be worth a listen.

bud melvin and his banjo

Danimal Cannon

Slime Girls, especially the Vacation Wasteland album

Tuberz McGee … le-in-laws


don't do it!

listen to more firebrandboy wink … y-too-many

There's a band called Crying whose early works do this.
I really love the audio engineering in Kubbi's music. Very crisp blend of electric guitars and chip without either being drowned out or fatiguing of the ears. Haven't heard anyone do it better.
MicroD does chip and drums.
Band called Pajjama posted a progressive rock EP here called "Starch" that had FM Synthy chip sounds.

firebrandboy wrote:

don't do it!

do what?

oh right, i should link a video