This album pays tribute to the amazing sound of the vintage 1980s synths and the even more amazing C64 SID synth chip. This is the ultimate 1980s SIDpop album, and successor of our first release SID Waves!

As 'children of the 1980s' we just love the original synthpop sound of that decade. The hits of those days - such as 'Fade To Grey', 'Don't You Want Me?' & 'The Reflex', to name but a few... are stil popular today! Their sound is legendary...

Growing up with the Commodore 64 and the music its crazy SID chip produced, was also part of the sound of those years. So, we've started to combine those vintage 80s synths with the sound of the Commodore SID chip synth. As a result our music sounds like nothing else, but has a sort of timeless 80s sound full of nostalgia: we call it SIDpop.

SID Dreams will be the ultimate 1980s record, using only vintage 1980s synthesizers and the C64 SID synthesizer chip. … escription