i just stumbled upon what seems to be an officially released mod tracker of sorts for GBA called Pocket Music. messed around with it for a bit and the in built sounds are pretty terrible and the process of actually writing any music is super clunky and time consuming, but something about working with it sucked me in. does anyone else have any experience with this program or better yet, any material recorded with it?

gamefaqs review:
https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/gba/58136 … iews/54840

I think i used it on a track on the album BTR8, but i couldn't say which one since i was messing with it, lab sound, & one or two other gba programs back then like looper advance

Personally I like the Gameboy Color version better!
http://blog.gg8.se/wordpress/2013/12/17 … n-gba-fix/

The advance version sucks. The color version is really good.