United Kingdom

A few months ago I obtained an unusal Cartridge which I bought from ebay.

It is a Japanese product and due to me knowing only one language I cannot decipher what it says.. however the music on the game is pretty good and as far as I can gather its a racing game.

I had a discussion with nito2k01 about my cartridge and wondered if it was worth posting on here, he drooled alot during the conversation wink LOL
but it does seem very strange that it came with PLASTIC car pieces and by the looks of the pieces I have got the engine. This product surely must be advertising another commercial toy car product as well as the game?

Anyone here know anything about this game? I have tried researching about it on the net but nothing seems to come up.

Below I have taken photos.

The Tin

inside of the tine (Has protective foam underneath the top lid which is pretty nifty)

The contents

The toy car pieces and instructions that came with it.

The gameplay on my DMG-01. Graphics remind me of pokemon alot!

são paulo - brasil

never heard of this game. but one of the guys in the cover looks like a dragon ball z character.

Tokyo, Japan

If memory serves, its a little racing rpg game called I think

"mini 4 wheel drive, lets and go"

Here is another game in the series. … _wgp2.html

I think they often used to do little runs of plastic models of the cars in the games so they had odd boxes. I dont think the games themselves were particularly remarkable though.