For sale is a Japanese import Super Game Boy 2 with a stereo 1/4 inch prosound mod. The prosound was installed by Justin Thursday of Thursday Customs and as far as I can tell it functions perfectly.

Asking $65 plus shipping, which is exactly how much it cost me to import it and have it modded. Shipping will be USPS standard ground to anywhere within the continental US, I only accept Paypal. Price is firm, please feel free to post here or PM me with further inquiries.

I used to be really big on LSDJ, but I'm moving on to a new platform and want this killer app to find a good home. The Super Game Boy 2 only came out in Japan, and like the original Super Game Boy, it can play Game Boy carts on a SNES. Unlike the original Super Game Boy, it has a built-in link port (which is great if you use an Arduinoboy for MIDI sync) and it actually runs at the proper clock speed (the original Super Game Boy runs games slightly faster than the old DMGs, which can lead to problems with the pitch of notes and timing depending on what program you sequence on).

This is a really awesome piece of equipment to have if you use Nanoloop, LSDJ or mGB for a number of reasons. For one, no more chewing through AAs on a DMG or straining to see the screen on a dark stage. The SNES works with any TV that can accept composite or RF out, and the selection of custom borders and color palettes you get with the Super Game Boy 2 are sure to spice things up a little. If you select the black border and press L L L L R on the SNES controller, you can even access the borders from the original Super Game Boy for even more fun.

Sound quality wise, the internals are exactly the same as the original run DMG Game Boys, which are considered the gold standard in terms of fat bass tones and minimal noise. The 1/4" prosound makes it even better, and you won't have to worry about getting adapters for the RCA outs of the SNES if you want to hook it up to a professional mixer.

Pictures here, demo video here. Note that the prosound mod takes the sound "straight from the DMG" so to speak, so the sounds of you navigating the Super Game Boy menus won't be sent through the 1/4" jack, which is great for changing backgrounds in the middle of a song without adding random bleeps and bloops to the mix. You can also use the SNES RCA outs for the stage monitor for effects if you want, or you can pan some parts all left and others all right to mix both as separate mono inputs. Also be aware that the LSDJ cart shown in the video was for demonstration purposes only and will not be included with the sale.

Long story short, this is a pretty cool thing to have for composing and performing on hardware for the Game Boy. I am sad to see it go after all these years, but I don't use it much anymore and I would rather it end up with someone who can appreciate it and give it a good home instead of some rando on Ebay.

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Lowered price to $70.

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I am very interested.

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I'm really interested too

Lowered price to $65.