theres a constant noise that can only be described as a "flickering"

like turning it on it goes

click click click click ba-click din-click ga-click

as the nintendo logo drops

and it continues. it sounds a lot like clocking issues with recording hardware or an old broken tv, but I'm hoping theres an easy fix. i havent seen anywhere of anyone describing this/a fix for this and it's making me sad sad

the dmg im working on is a present project for my homie's bday on june 26th please advise where I can get replacement internals for cheap if it needs a new board/cpu/anything thats not a fun time to replace like that

thanks in advance to any homies helping me out

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Can I buy some pot from you?


Just kidding! god.

first, which cpu is it?

Hmmm ill check tomorrow, its my first free day this month tongue
lmao iz cool