I just made this symbol to use in place of my name on album artwork:

What do you all think?

Hey, it looks great! Why don't you include the name in the logo? It would help people find you better!

Arc-Demon wrote:

....to use in place of my name....

I think it's much more versatile this way. I can enlarge it or shrink it as much as I want without worrying about legibility.

Plus, the name's kinda already in the logo. Though it won't help with name recognition unless people already knew who I was in the first place. hmm Hmm...

I think it's a novel idea. It will help with brand recognition. For example, look at Valenberg's symbol. I can always count on seeing that in his pixel art and knowing it's from him. I found myself seeing and recognizing the symbol more times then remembering his name.


Here's how it'd look like on album artwork: