Hey there,

I wasn't sure where to post this so I thought I should share it here.

I recently teamed up with a couple visualists to make videos for my new release "Meta".

The concept for the album is "state of movement and thought on abstractions".

The first video is for a song called "First and Last" and it was created by Aday.

it is upbeat and has a change half way through

Here is the second video by d-strct for the song "Who knows cold"

It's much more somber and glitchy

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bump for awesome music, cannot wait for the release heart

and here's video #2 smile


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e.s.c. wrote:

and here's video #2 smile

you beat me to it. the distorted type of style fit well for the music.

it was really fun working with d-strct and aday on these videos

there are going to be a few remixes on the new album too, looking forward to the videos, art and music as a whole. good times.

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I kinda killed my old youtube account that video was hosted on.
So I've re-uploaded it, here's the updated link for prosperity ... old link in thread is defunct. soz

First and Last [meta]


Hooray for posterity! \o/