New Jersey, USA

I currently use LSDJ with BGB on my PC with the keymapping of
A: space
B: backspace
Select: shift
Start: enter

(I know this probably sounds unnatural for some people but this is the workflow that I'm used to)

I want to use LGPT on the PC with a similar keymapping to this. Does anyone know how to do this/have a keymap configuration I can copypaste?

(Bonus question: Also, is it possible to sync LGPT PC version and LSDJ on BGB?)

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here ya go: … pt:mapping

With regards to sync, piggy responds to keypresses in the background using a joystick, so if you assigned piggy to have the same keybindings for both apps, and bgb was in focus, they would both start at the same time and should more or less stay in sync. At least it did 8 years ago when I first tested this. Im pretty sure this DOESNT work for the keyboard though.