Hello folks, long time no see

We at SBSM are happy to show you our incoming new blue 7" split with japanese surfpunkers The Poseidons. It will be released at Tokyo next september 23th, and if you're not gonna be there (is just a week after Square Sounds, wink wink) you can help us in our crowdfunding and get a copy (or a tshirt, or gashapons, or panties, or a song written for you...). Records are already pressed and at our warehouse (I mean under my bed), this campaign is to help us pay food and airbnbs and toys and etc

GofundMe Campaign

Theres a translation on the main page for every reward and whatnot. Shipping within europe is like 10€ and 15€ for the rest of the world, hit us if you pledge so we can set up that specifically. I know its a steep price, I wish there was something i could do about it sad

I forgot this forum label system so ima leave a youtube link and hope for someone reminding me the way to embed it
SBSM - Reniego

thanks for reading! heart