My brother had a Sansa Clip he used before getting a smartphone. The problem with the Sansa is that it doesn't turn on at all. I tried the 20-seconds hold the two buttons down reset trick. I was able to connect it to Windows 7 and move files onto it, but I have to manually disable/reenable the device to get it to work sometimes.

I like how small this thing is, and I thought it'd be great if it could be modded with something like Rockbox to play NSF, SPC, GBS formats.

But first I'd like to find out why it isn't turning on, and I have no idea how to even open it up. Any suggestions?

Mine used to do that and iirc I had to charge it for an extremely long time

Okay. I'll try that.

Edit: yeah, still nothing. How long did you have to charge it for? At least now it's recognized every time I connect it.

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A couple days, but it's probably something else causing this

Hope you get it running, I've been using a clip+ for years (with rockbox) and love it so much that when the volume button went to crap on my first one , i bought a second.
From what i remember, there is a button combo that can be pressed for a full factory reset (done at power on), that might help if leaving it charging for a few days doesn't help

I think the sansa clip+ was one of the best consumer electronics product ever made. Even out of the box, it was amazing, adding rockbox and playing doom on a monochrome display just took it to the next level.

This one is a Clip Zip.

So far nothing seems to work (I can tell the reset buttons work while it is connected, because it disconnects, and it reconnects again when I press the power button), but other than that, no sound, no image.

I'd like to get the battery replaced, but I don't know how to disassemble this.

Edit: I also don't like throwing things away. hmm

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No luck. Looks like I'm just going to have to throw it away (well, recycle it, but I don't know how electronics are recycled).