I know it's possible but I've been digging around for a few days and can't find any info on it.  Tried to mod my GB pocket anyways and so far the mod works but changing the speed when the gameboy is on crashes the console.

Anyone know what pin to tie the clock to?

Solder the wire to one of the CK pins shown here (not circled):
https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0689/ … 1518882799

What board are using to create the variable pulse? If its too fast or too slow, it can crash pretty easily.

Im using one of the older Thursday customs boards, v2.3 I think.  It's not listed on their website anymore.  Right now I have the clock soldered to CK2.  I'll see if soldering to CK1 makes any difference.

Just switched it over to CK1, it's way more stable.  Thanks for the help!