Hello! I was using MGB with my arduinoboy finally when I turned on polyphony and I was like wow this is amazing! then I went on to be like, but sometimes It sustains infinitely...So I played around with it a bunch and I came to discover HMMM Its only the wav channel, channel 3, that seems to do it, and it was only that channel and every single time without fail it would play its last note forever.  So I played around with all of the settings, sustain on/off, and all the other stuff I went through every option to no avail.  I then searched all over the internet the best I could and I saw videos of people just using it without a problem, and every website i could find had no one else with the same issue.  So I've come here once again to ask the community for help, I am using a GBC with MGB V1.3.3, If anyone has tips/suggestions let me know and thank you in advance!