So it's been almost 8 years (!) since the release of my first Sega Mega Drive album on a cartridge "Today". Since then a few people have contacted me asking if I still have any copies for sale - unfortunately not, but it's been a while since I released anything and I've got an album's worth of unreleased Sega Mega Drive / Genesis music I've been performing live for the last 3 years that I'd like to put together and get it out to you.

The question is, do I release as a digital download only or go all the way and create a brand new album on a cartridge? The whole process of creating a ROM and physical cartridges is quite an expensive initial investment so I just want to put it to you guys to find out if you'd be keen on a new cartridge so it will be worth my time and effort. It would be fantastic if anyone interest could indicate your preference on the facebook poll linked below.

Thanks! -freezedream d-_-b

facebook poll

By digital release do you mean like Bandcamp or .VGM or .GYM files?

I always welcome a recorded format with well-thought out artwork and liner notes. But having a format set of small file sizes that can play using a plugin or real hardware is also great.

Couldn't you just do both? Like a limited amount of cartridges on first orders?

Arc-Demon wrote:

Couldn't you just do both? Like a limited amount of cartridges on first orders?

I think it is indeed the best solution.

Thanks for your interest!

By digital release, I mean digital audio download. So the options would be:

1. Digital audio download (plus Deflemask source files)


2. Physical cartridge release (plus digital audio download and Deflemask source files)

Note that if I end up making a physical cartridge, I won't be releasing the ROM initially, but may release it later.