Hello. I need some suggestions. I'm making dark electronic music & now into to chiptune music for a mini album & live performances as well. I want to use LSDJ with Gameboy DMG but the problem is I can't find any Everdrive, USB 64m, El Cheapo SD cartridge in my country. It's risky to buy from amazon/ebuy in here cause it's expensive enough to stuck at customs.

In that case, should I try Gameboy SP + Ez Flash + Goomba? Or should I use computer emulation(I got a macbook) for better sound?

If I use Gameboy Adv. SP, Which Flash Card should I use? I found an old Ez-Flash II 256Mb on sale, is it working well with LSDJ?

I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks for reading.

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Abandoned on Fire

Definitely computer emulator over goomba. I'm not familiar with the best options for Mac but it will be far, far better than goomba for sound.


BGB runs great in Wine


Thanks. I'll go with mac emulators till I find the proper Gamboy Classic cartridge.

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