Good day fellow chipmusic/videogamemusic lovers !

I am trying to generate interest and build support for the project I am working on which is early in development, Earth5.

The website for the game project is

It is a 2D multiplayer pixel art, sega-arcade-system-music game sporting mechas that fly around and race each other in a high octane setting
and potentially other forms of storytelling thrown in as well.

The game will support 5 players and every person could play on a separate monitor or if the gamer does not have many monitors then one "big" monitor
would also be supported.

Other games one might be able to compare it to would be games like sonic, F-zero perhaps, ZOE (just not 3d), segments from games in the megaman series too probably.

There will be updates at the turn of every month so if anyone is interested they may follow the progress of the game as new content is added, as the game engine matures and so forth.

Thank you very much for reading this post, cheers !!

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