Solar System

As I am sad that chipmusic is going underground more and more... Also I am fan of EDM / BASS / FUTURE music. And want to play your 8bit or hybrid tracks for my hometown local crowd... Simply will mix them into my sets... And this site helped me lot also was here almost from 1st day...

So post here your chiptunes / chiphybrids:
- Tropical House
- Future House
- Big Room House
- Trance
- Dubstep
- Trap music
- Future Bass
- Bassline
- Glitchhop

Also I will post here my songs / multiwaves+midi for remixes.
Also put here your Instagram to spread our 8bit lifestyle to whole Earth...
We dont need revive! We need reconnect my friends...
Its same as demoscene.When I show demos to (normal friends of mine) they are like "thats supercool!".
They did not know about it! Chipmusic is same my nephew loves it almost as His beloved band ACDC...
You cant survive hidding! How many people will love to listen, be inspired. This will create new talents, new 8bit composers. I really think that is more easy to learn tracker on Atari ST or Amiga / Gameboy first and than learn Fruity Loops or Cubase. Kids will understand almost everything in DAWs than...
Chipmusic maybe will survive in few towns like Detroit Techno or Melbourne Bounce. Or in smaller countries like Hardstyle in Holland... But those cities / countries will create network and spread our 8bit sound to all corners of our planet...

@matejeusk (instagram)

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