Hi peeps!

I'm usually over in the DMG section, but I have a friend who recently brought me back a Nomad and some busted battery packs. I'd followed 8Bitplus' guide, a few years ago, but the camera battery we put inside the pack no longer charges. I was hoping to replace it with new lithium cells. My dream scenario would include a voltage regulator, balancer/charger, alongside the batteries inside each pack.

Anyone attempt anything like this before? I'm not sure what to aim for voltage/amp hours wise. This guide uses a 7.4V 1500mAh Lipo which seems like a good bet. I'd love to be able to charge the pack with the standard nomad AC adapter though...

Any advice is welcome! Thanks in advance!

I'm actually attempting their internal battery mod over the next few weeks or so. From what I understand, it's not a great idea to use the older Sega PSU to charge the newer batteries due to the inefficiency.

Does your nomad output a lot of noise on the headphone/av out? I recapped and cannot figure it out. I read that it was just something you have to live with.

Oh yes! I didn't plan to use those old boards. I was hoping to either fit a ballencer/charger inside the pack, or otherwise use a different charger meant for lithium-ion stuffs.

Not a lot of noise over here! Out of the 3.5mm jack you mean?