I've made a few tunes with Famitracker 0.4.4, but when I replay them on my (Pal) NES with an Everdrive Card, the speed is slower than expected, like it was made for NTSC and replayed on Pal hardware (which is the case).

On one song, the expected tempo was 150 BPM, in the song settings speed was set to 6, tempo to 150 (default NTSC). During export, I've set the output to PAL, and type of file to iNES ROM image. This one replays too slow on my real NES.
So I've changed the tempo to 125 (default PAL), and Speed to 5. The resulting tempo should be 150, and it sounds the same in Famitracker.

But when I export it again to iNES/PAL format, it's still too slow on Real Hardware. What can I do?