Maybe you need to add -fpermissive as g++ suggest ?


I got a few more of the .o files to build, but now I'm running into another issue.

/home/rjungemann/Projects/LittleGPTracker/projects/base_rules:33: recipe for target 'SamplePool.o' failed
make[1]: *** [SamplePool.o] Error 1
Makefile:456: recipe for target 'buildGCWZERO' failed
make: *** [buildGCWZERO] Error 2

I made sure that the directory SamplePool.{cpp,h} are in is referenced in the Makefile, but adding SamplePool.o to the GCWZERO_FILES does not fix the issue.


Pull the whole log, I can't be right without it.

I think it's related to the "platform" infrastructure of the code.

You may have seen it in the source code, there is different platform, and I may be wrong, but you have to reuse the "dingoo" or the "raspberry" platform.
It's my first clue without the whole log.

I hope it helps, you are definitely near a binary.
Fisrt step wink

give me the link to the toolchain you are using and you're current git, I will give you a diff -Naur which may fix the issue.
Unfortunately I don't have a gcw zero, so I let you debug it smile


I downloaded the toolchain here … 20.tar.bz2 (linked from and I wrote down the instructions I used on my PR

You can clone my repo and switch to my branch like:

git clone [email protected]:rjungemann/LittleGPTracker.git
cd LittleGPTracker
git checkout -b gcw-zero-attempt origin/gcw-zero-attempt

Thanks for the help! I'll do a little more investigation tonight.


Hi rjungemann,

I'm able to make a binary.

What I've done so far :
- checkout the "clean Marc Nostromo" last commit from, no, I lie, it is from because I can write on this one, but it is the "master" branch from Marc with no commit.
- download the toolchain of gcw zero and untar it in /opt
- copy the Makefile.DINGOO to Makefile.GCWZERO in the projects folder
- modify the "big" Makefile and add
  * "Directory definitions" for GCWZERODIRS
  * "files definition" for GCWZEROFILES
- add a sources/Adapters/GCWZERO folder which is a copy of DINGOO folder
- modify every occurence of DINGOO to GCWZERO in those folder

- there is asm file in "sources/Adapters/GCWZERO/System/gpmemcpy.s" so it may not work...
- there is a binary in the end, it doesn't mean it will works... it may crash so "ssh" is needed

What I've done also :
$ git branch -b gcwzero
$ git push -u origin gcwzero

So now, there is a branch "gcwzero" on my github which contain the step to build it.
And here is the "github diff" : … 7e05f44689

Hope it helps, and sorry for this long delay I was not available...
And one last word, to build the "DEB" target from a x86_64 debian or redhat you have to add this to the Makefile.DEB
CFLAGS: -fpermissive -m32
LIBS : -m32
add libjack-jackd2-dev, gcc-multilib g++-multilib libc6-dev-i386

Best regards,


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This is fantastic @yoyz2k! I'll give it a try as soon as I can!


You're welcome.
When you launch it, try to fetch the log file, I think the two or three first time it will crash, but we should be able to debug it remotely, with a crash log. And make it works smile


so... any success? I sadly am not very code literate and understand very little of what is going on.


I have no gcw zero, so I can not tell you if it works...


It can run ginge right? So at least you can maybe emulate it?


I can make a binary and share it on dropbox.
But I don't think I'm able to have a working "emulation" environement.
Anyway tell me if you are really interested, I don't think with a gcw zero it will be really difficult.
But if there is no more than two people on heart... It will cost a lot for two people...
So tell me on this thread


FWIW I am now using the RS-97 which can be easily found for $50 and the OpenDingux build you can install on it comes with LittleGPTracker.