Canis Velpix EP - new pxtone release

Hi all,

I thought I would put my first EP release here, created using Daisuke Amaya's pxtone freeware.
It's the same software used by George & Jonathan, although I would hesitate before suggesting that the sound is anything alike.
It's a multigenre, polyphonic record with hip-hop sections in every track. It's also N64-sample-heavy.

Track 1: What the fuck (feat. Coolio Desgracias):
Track 2: Lettermouth (feat. chippysthedoggy):
Track 3: Cornstones Op. 28 No. 16 (feat. Housemouse): … p-28-no-16
Track 4: Downward Spiral (feat. Danny Brown, Jordan Peterson): … oggy-remix

I have uploaded these tracks to the Chipmusic submissions as well.

Hope you enjoy. Thank you all for making music.

chippys (thedoggy)