Hi ChipMusic!

It's my first post here, and I hope I'll find some answers...
I bought an arduinoboy two weeks ago, mount it, but for the moment it's not working at all.

When I turn it on, I have some strange blinking leds sequences, and I don't know what they mean.

Also, when I turn on my Gameboy, linked to the arduinoboy, with an MGB cartdrige, it shows very quickly the software on the screen, but then, it disappears...

I made a video to show what is going on:

I also noticed that:
- When I remove the link cable from my gb, only the slave led still blinks and the arduinoboy.
- When I remove the USB power cable from the Arduinoboy while my gb is plugged in, the gb switches off!

Someone already had that kind of issue?

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Here is the link cable I bought: … 2749.l2649



Who'd you buy it from? Do you have the same problem if you add the aboy AFTER it's on? Is it an aboy that is powered by the gameboy? Is the Gameboy modDed?


Hey, thanks,

Bought it from catskullelectronics :

When I power on the gb, and then plug the aboy, the aboy is powering on. Sometimes the gb is reseting when plugging the cable.
I have what is seems to be the normal start up led sequence coming, then the leds are not blinking anymore. The mode button doesn't do anything.

It seems I don't need to power it with the usb cable, or do I?

I tried some stuffs:

- If I connect the usb cable after this procedure, the program on the gb turn off (but my gb power led is on), and the weird led sequence begins on the aboy (first video)

- I trieed to send some midi notes via Ableton, and even if the MBG led is not constantly on, I sometimes have some sound coming out, but in a very chaotic way... And CRAZY STUFF: it works also when the gb is completely off!!! LOL :

But at least something is happening...

On the gameboy, I just did the prosound mod, that's all..

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You should try the usb cable, if your mod was done wrong it could be stealing power from the link port. Doing this will take your mod out the equation.

Email catskull he can also provide good support.


I actually don't provide good support for this product. This is sold as a diy kit and I make it as clear as I possibly can on the page that I don't provide support for it. Most of that is because I can't really support other people's soldering skills, so I recommend if people aren't moderately experienced they should get a teensyboy which is fully assembled and tested.

One major issue here is you're not using the right code. Get the right code from the product page, that will eliminate the constant mode switching.

The Gameboy color will provide power through the link port so you don't need to power it through USB (in fact you shouldn't). It's not unheard of for the Gameboy to brown out when you initially plug the arduinoboy in, so I'd have it connected before you turn the Gameboy on.

I'd guess fixing all the stuff I mentioned will fix this. Specifically:
Flash the correct code (link on the product page)
Don't plug in the USB when it's connected to the Gameboy

If that's doesn't work then it's probably bad soldering, so double check all your joints for cold joints or bridging.



I knew when I bought the aboy that you didn't offer any support for that product, so, first, thank you for you help..

I run the right code (Version: 1.3.0a). Maybe I didn't flash it well...?

I'm going to re-check my soldering one more time.