I recently acquired a Teensyboy with mGB and am attempting to send MIDI control signals via my DAW (FL Studio). Thus far, I've set up all of the custom CC's found in the mGB documentation on GitHub and have been able to use them all with success.

However, I can't seem to draw in manual volume changes on the event editor. For MidiNES, this works nicely by drawing the changes in the event editor for the DAW's channel volume parameter (or the custom CC#7 master volume) but I can't find the appropriate CC or parameter for the DMG/mGB setup. Drawing on the channel volume control does nothing.

Anyone know how to do this or is it only possible to do limited volume changes via the volume envelope?

I've also tried changing the values of the volume envelope across the duration of notes to get something resembling manual volume control but any values I draw in only seem to effect the note's beginning parameters. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!