After some update my cart stopped booting and i've "started original version" as described here.
Now the boot sequence starts with a falling rectangle (as if there weren't any cart inside at all) and on startup it says my nl version is 1.0.6
I don't know whether the following "bugs" are a result of an update or they were present before, but i didn't notice
1) if some step has some value in rightmost position and you change its step pause, the parameter value will decrease as soon as you release A
2) For example you have two patterns, length=16 steps, one of them is /2. The slower one will change its "small background square that determines played steps" on step 8.
That second thing might be actually a feature, because there are workarounds for that, and it somehow opens different options to program your patterns. Also this doesn't happen to sequences shorter than 16 steps.

Well, i thought that i could update the cart once more, but now my usb-midi adapter does not respond.
Web app doesn't react on "receive" and "send" clicks, though the browser detects the adapter. Also the command line tool throws an error.
"RtMidiIn::openPort: error creating Windows MM MIDI input port."
"RtMidiOut::sendMessage: error preparing sysex header."

So, are these described nl quirks common to see and these are not a result of a failed update?
And is something wrong with my adapter, or i can somehow fix that?

Thank you, and excuse my horrible english

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