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Hello, i must promote this good C64-like tracker for Android devices, although i use now mostly for chiptune defMON (C64/Vice C64), Sidtracker 64 (iPad), nanoloop mono/LSDj (Nintendo) i searched a week ago for chiptune tracker on Google Play and i found this tracker Fake SID, which is surprisingly really good.

I know Android is forever bad platform, because there is still relatively big latency for realtime audio, but with this tracker i have no problems. Maybe month ago i searched for C64 emulator on Android to run defMON, but smartphone screen is really small for this and even some emulators don't have keyboard layout i need to use it and on iPad is emulators forbidden.

You may ask me why i use tracker on Android, so i can explain it pretty easy, because i don't always bring outside/to work iPad and even if i do, sometimes during travelling is full bus so i don't have space to take out iPad and work in Sidtracker 64, but for example my Lenovo K6 Note's display is not that small, it could be also used for some creative things.

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I made this on it: … eat/30518/

I request the ability to actually export your project as .sid, and every pitch slide and pattern jump command from protracker.

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I don't expect to have export to .sid here, because it have 4th channel and some non-standard things like combining of any waveforms. I very like that you can play tune and on 4th channel if you dont use it for pattern, then you can live jam on it, but latency is here hearable. Perhaps that 4th channel could be probably used to copy with some latency main lead channel (echo/delay), this could be really cool, also in Hively Tracker tunes often uses 4th channel for echo, but patterns must be manually copied to next (with some lines inserted before start of melody).

There is also some non-standard things like patterns are for example from 00 to 0K (which is some more than 0F in hexa), at the beginning you see instruments/effects from A to L and there is no arrows to add next, but if you click at Instr. (up) it shows you entire table from A-Z, @, 0-9, ... so there is a lot of space.

But as i said earlier, it is very good tracker for Android smartphone, i like it!

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Hi there. I'm the author of said tracker and am always happy to receive feedback. Thanks for promoting it! I also like chunter's tune a lot.

The rather unorthodox track ids are actually just the result of my trying to make the best of the phone screen. I know it's a bit weird but I couldn't think of something better at the time. smile

The latency is quite a bummer but I know that there are ways to solve it. It's in the pipeline.


I tried this! I often use LSDj, but I feel that the operation of Fake SID has functionality beyond that big_smile … 8951730176

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