After collecting dust for almost 3 years I finally installed the back light in my DMG Game Boy and started playing around with LSDJ again.

I'm currently working on a song where I want to transpose a phrase.
After transposing to the 6th octave and up I don't hear any sound after C 6. How can this be fixed?

I'm using an EMS 64M USB Cartridge and LSDJ version 5.3.5.

:edit issue with strange LSDJ behavior seems to be resolved by total memory reset / removing & inserting save cart battery / rewriting ROM to cart

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Gave this another try today with LSDJ version 5.3.6 and another total memory reset.
Everything works as expected; I can transpose and hear the high notes.


Random behaviour returned where transpose value are being changed when switching back and forth between screens.
So I replaced the battery of my EMS smart card and now LSDJ won't start anymore. It keeps saying to clean pins or replace the battery.
I've tried 2 new batteries. Is my EMS smart card dead?

:edit as mentioned by another member here leaving it on for a while got rid of the error screen :-)

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Picked up this setup again after adding a pro sound mod.

The EMS cart is definitely flaky; in LSDJ in the chain screen it keeps setting the transpose value to the phrase value.



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