I hope this is the right forum for it. It's not really a release, but i uploaded my last liveset on mixcloud. I use LSDJ on a Gameboy Color with Noise-Mod and Bass-Boost, i play Xaphoon with some Effects and i play a couple of selfbuilt instruments like a Laserspiral and a Spiralboard. But at the center of it is the Gameboy. … a-2232019/

Hope you like it! Also i would like to give some information about the context of how this concert happened: I am currently travelling with my partner with the bicycles from Germany to Taiwan and we play concerts along the way, and jam with people. We already passed through Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and now we are in Turkey, heading to Georgia, Armenia and Iran after that. You are welcome to read about these travels on my blog: