Having a studio clearout and ebaying some pretty rare and curious gb/GBA peripherals of potential chiptune use:

Kemco Music Recorder MP3 - very weird  MP3 player / audio recorder with line-in(!) / kareoke overdubber cartridge for GB Advance:

2 x Mega Memory Pak ( I bought these with the idea of shooting 100s of full Gameboy Camera rolls for animation purposes but never used them, could be used to back up and copy chiptune savs I believe but don't use LSDJ so can't promise)

Game Downloader serial flash cart / copier thing, never had the time to figure out how to even use this but it comes with enough free gameboy to serial to serial to USB cables to choke a horse so I'm sure one of you can figure it out smile

NES Game Genie. Had fun making Super Mario produce free jazz back in the day but no longer have and NES

I set these as UK postage only on ebay due to too many weird delivery mishaps and fake buyers internationally, but I trust you peoples so message me if you realllly want any of this outside UK and I'll see what we can do.

Probably listening more gameboy / circuitbending/ game stuff soon too:

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Hi, are these things still for sale? Im interested in the game downloader serial flasher cart thing. can you tell me more about it?
thank you.