Buenos Aires, Argentina

I'm really happy to announce that Defle mobile was released!
Almost 2 years ago we started this huge work, first the rewrite of many core parts of the tracker and, second, adapt our minds to all this new mobile world requirements, small screens, many per device testing and last but not less important: legal developer program stuff.

AppStore and Play Store both require a lot of work under erratic and capricious guidelines but also paying licenses ($100 annually for iOS and $25 for Android users) for the required developer programs/accounts: it cost money to put an app in the mobile stores. More than what I initially thought. So guys keep this in mind if you want to make a mobile application.
DefleMask Mobile is not free, the store listing price is $6,99.

Thanks to be so open to understand why we need to make it a paid app.

I'm really proud of what we made through the years and how this project is evolving! Defle mobile have just born!

Get it now!
iOS … n&mt=8
Android …

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Really cool!

Milwaukee, WI

Any plan to make the .apk available to those outside of Google's death grip? It looks great, and I'd love to purchase, but Google is adamantly blocked on my devices.

Solar System

Will buy!!!!

Seattle, WA

Wow!  This is amazing news!
Thank you for all the hard work that undoubtedly went into making this a reality!

Bratislava, Slovakia

I am working some days on Sega Genesis track (i purchased it mainly for this because i am pretty satisfied with LSDj/Sidtracker 64/defMON) and during playback i like to modify FM parameters, it can be automated or recorded as effects? BTW, overall design is very good, but that transport/play window should be placed at top as fixed toolbar because i need to move this often.

Aside of this i created once Game boy song and you can enter notes in pulse channel lower than C-3 (to C-2) but it is same octave because on real Game boy/LSDj you cant enter lower notes than C-3, to C-2 is possible only on wave channel (third).

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