I have been looking around to find new GB carts that are compatible with LSDJ and preferably ones that can more easily be backed up compared to my old EMS 32m and 64m carts from roughly 2007.

Am I crazy or is there a vast shortage of options being made currently? Can you guys point me in the right direction on my quest to purchase new carts?


These are good: … lash-cart/

He'll flash it for you too, but if you want to reflash later you'll need his flasher:

You'll be able to backup and restore saves with any old flasher though, if you already have one laying around. The good thing is these should use a lot less power than the EMS (or even Drag n' Derp) carts so your Gameboy won't overheat and crash (I swear I've observed this happening at every show I've gone to).

Apparently EMS is discontinuing the 64 USB cart, not sure if they're going to replace it with something else.

Other than that the offerings from Krikzz and BennVenn are okay but SD based which I don't care for as much.


I also have to recommend Inside Gadgets. I got my cart there and it works like a charm! The back-up process is incredibly simple (I clocked my last one at under two minutes!) and the customer service is superb. smile


I'm about to test a theory regarding compatibility for LSDJ with Aliexpress bootleg carts using Bennvenn's programmer smile
Just waiting for the carts to arrive, if this works it would be hella cheap ($5 each cart!) and you would only need to pay for one programmer.
Cons: no direct usb support.

Otherwise I guess an El-Cheapo SD right now is your best bet.

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This cartridge from Inside Gadgets is only 2 MB? It is a lot smaller than 64 MB on EMS, of course LSDJ's size is only 1 MB, but i have at "B" part a lot of temporary tools. Cartridge can live probably 100 years and i can backup mine on W10 x64 with no problem since i installed these unsigned drivers so i don't need newer cart now.