UPDATE: Nanode will be back for a future show! Instead nmlstyl will represent Philadelphia PA for this show!

I/O Chip Music
Pine Box Rock Shop

nmlstyl /  Pulsing  /  Simple Circuits
May 26 2019
Pine Box Rock Shop
12 Grattan St Brooklyn NY 11206

9PM - 12AM

$5 - $10 sliding scale

| nmlstyl |
(Genesis, guitar | Philadelphia, PA)
joey, a.k.a nmlstyl (pronounced "animal style"), is a philadelphia based visual artist, coder and hacker musician who is known for pioneering the squarewave synth guitar sound.

| Pulsing |
(8 bit Chip Punk! | Cedar Falls, IA)
Pulsing is a chiptune band molded out of guitar, drums, and Gameboys. Pulsing's tunes go from hyper bright, happy melodies to dark, heavy emotional bursts. With an army of pillows for pillow fights, there's no way not to find a smile.

| Simple Circuits |
(Synth Project | Brooklyn, NY)
A new two-person synth project based in Brooklyn New York, one-half comprised of Hunter Quinn, who continues to write cyberpunk inspired dark industrial chip music for this dystopian world we find ourselves in.

visuals by
| electronic music, digital art consumer. analog, NTSC video, composition and solutions for the screen. Delivered to your eyespheres by way of OpenTZT |

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Toronto, Canada

Shit, I'm sad I missed this </3

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