São Paulo, Brazil

Chippanze presents:

Gala - Underwater bioacoustics

Aquatic chipmusic produced with nanoloop mono + 2 nanovoice cartridges + korg volcas (keys, bass, and fm) + korg monotron delay + yamaha pss 470 + a bunch of guitar effect pedals.

Each track is recorded in one take, with no post processing except for fading in and out, some notch filter, and normalisation.

[Chippanze's staff note: we all love Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and all those good old people from the Berlin-School and we think everyone should definitely buy this album and dig deep into its underwater soundwaves; have a gute nacht.]

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Nomad's Land

Excellent release. Super chill, yet at the same time intricate and quirky. Love it.


Thanks irrlichtproject. I'm quite happy with the sounds I've worked on for this album, and it's cool to see people enjoying it.
I'm going to work on another project quite soon, and it will be really different, I hope you'll like it!

(and thanks Pulselooper and the whole Chippanze staff for releasing this album on their label)


This release is a great example of what music tools based on lofi chips are capable of. Quality is often away from obvious 'chipmusic' clichés. This release, but also "Berlin sea", Gala's previous release, show obvious influences from the berlin sound, but updating it by being refreshing, "intricate and quirky", as irrlichtproject said.
merci Gala.


Thanks tmt ! And thanks again for showing me that nanovoice is a super cool tool.